Why Northpoint

January 14, 2020

We are thrilled to be celebrating our 5th anniversary this month. It’s been five years of working on a huge variety of projects, collaborating with an incredible group of clients and adding to the Northpoint family as our firm continues to grow. The outlook for the future looks extremely bright. And as our team honors the five years we’ve been in business together, we’ve reflected on where we began and how we got here. It all comes down to one important question. Why? As a potential client, you ask yourself, “Why should I choose this firm over another?” And as a business owner, you ask, “Why should a client choose us over another firm?” The answer is at the heart of what differentiates every organization, and it should be a very clear, obvious answer to everyone involved. 

More than five years ago, when Northpoint was just the seed of an idea, our founders spent a lot of time envisioning how our firm would be different. We dug deep to chisel away at what made up the essence of who we are and what we do. It’s at the core of how we conduct ourselves every day, for every client and in every project. In theory it sounds simple: our biggest differentiator is our people. But as our clients quickly discover, our people really do make all the difference. 

Perhaps even more today as we continue to welcome new talent to the Northpoint family, our team prides itself on bringing a diverse set of backgrounds and experience to the table. This diversity gives our firm invaluable intellectual capital and breadth of expertise across the real estate and construction industry, which in turn empowers us to work with a depth and flexibility rare in our industry. These collective strengths enable us to meet every client irrespective of where they are in their development cycle, and then find solutions regardless of the magnitude or complexity of a challenge. We liken it to having an arsenal of knowledge on hand at all times that allows us to be a nimble, full-service firm that clients can count on at every stage of their project. 

It’s so important to owners that they know we can step in and become part of their team. We get it. Weighing ever-increasing financial constraints against today’s demands for high quality and quick delivery, few owners can afford, let alone source, an adequate size staff that has the broad range of experience their projects require. Owners and senior level executives are conscious of how quickly things can change and many are understandably wary of adding to their team. But even when they feel comfortable (or pressed) enough to invest in hiring, whether permanently or on a project-by-project basis, finding qualified, experienced, reliable talent isn’t easy. 

That’s where Northpoint comes in. We’ve invested fully in our people, and our people are fully invested in our clients and investors. Our team members have the institutional knowledge that enables them to hit the ground running on any project. Equally important, each member of our team is intrinsically motivated by the desire to perform at the highest level and offer solutions that are always in the best interest of our clients and investors. It’s a rare combination: people who are the best in the industry, who also happen to be engaging, insightful and driven to become an extension of the ownership team they are representing.

When you look at our team, you’ll see a group of experienced senior level development, construction and real estate professionals. We don’t all share the same background or skill set. We don’t all do the same thing or even approach our work in the same way. We are not a staffing firm with an individual per project. Instead, you’ll find a team of multidisciplined finance, design and development and construction executives with cradle-to-grave experience across multiple industries and asset types. Our senior level principal management are well-versed in overseeing the different phases of a project and have tremendous skill in coordinating and galvanizing team members to ensure we leverage each person’s unique experience and expertise to best serve our clients’ needs.

There are complex, high profile projects that require an experienced eye and an ability to navigate the obstacles and get the job done. Then there are the smaller, less visible projects that are no less important but often deemed less desirable. At Northpoint, our team understands the value of both types of projects and thrives on curating the right team for each job. Our adaptability allows owners to flex us up and down depending on their development needs and construction cycle.

In any business, it all comes down to having a team you can count on. For us, that means having team members who not only have the experience and knowledge, but the drive to go above and beyond for our clients, and the loyalty to stick it out even in the most challenging scenarios. As projects in our region continue to get bigger and more complex, it is prudent to partner with a development and construction firm that has the talent to take each project from inception to completion. It is equally important, however, to find a partner who can handle all those smaller projects which can require the same amount of oversight, detail and finesse. We are proud that the Northpoint team has the diverse expertise to serve projects of every capacity and the customer-centric focus that gives every client the full-service experience they deserve.

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