Northpoint Rings in 2020 Welcoming Two New Team Members

January 16, 2020

As we gear up for what promises to be another great year, we proudly welcome two new members to the Northpoint family. Arrian Lewis and Turkēssa Parker have joined the firm, bringing a wide range of experience and the intellectual diversity that makes our team so capable and flexible. We look forward to Arrian and Turkēssa’s contributions to the firm and are delighted to have them on board.

Arrian Lewis, Accounting Manager

Working alongside the CFO/Controller and Operations Manager, Arrian’s role as Accounting Manager will encompass the considerable task of ensuring the accounting department runs smoothly and efficiently. Arrian draws upon over 14 years of accounting experience across a multitude of industries, including nonprofit, government contracting and design/construction, which have honed the organizational skills and attention to detail so critical to accounting management. Known for being resourceful, collaborative and analytical, Arrian offers both clients and team members an ability to unearth innovative solutions in the face of even the biggest challenges. 

Turkēssa M. Parker, Project Director

As Project Director, Turkēssa will help Northpoint continue to nurture and grow client partnerships as the firm evolves. Her straightforward, congenial nature allows her to build strong relationships with internal team members and clients alike, and she brings a creative approach to managing complicated tasks that ensures optimal outcomes for everyone involved. Turkēssa’s experience working in a diverse collection of market sectors will enable her to manage various projects with flexibility and finesse, and we are confident her ability to remain ever-mindful of the bottom line while navigating the daily details and tasks necessary to keep projects on schedule will prove invaluable to our firm and our clients. 

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