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August 6, 2019
real estate development projects

City Ridge is a Northwest icon for a new generation. Discover the District’s latest culinary concepts, shop at the city’s first Wegman’s, or simply linger under the shade of historic trees. Settle into unique residences that simplify city living. Nestled above Glover-Archbold Park with easy access to trails, walking paths, and Wisconsin Avenue, City Ridge is home.

Northpoint Services, LLC was recently awarded a key role in Washington DC’s highest profiled project, and will be providing construction management services to the ownership, Roadside Development. The City Ridge project is a new Mixed-Use development, which includes the construction of +/- 1,800,000 GSF on the roughly 10-acre site of the old Fannie Mae Headquarters building at 3900 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC for NASH-Roadside 3900 Wisconsin, LLC. The total project value is anticipated to be +/- $425M. This exciting and unique Whiting-Turner project is broken into (2) phases – Phase 1 and Phase 2. The project will be anchored by Wegmans and also approximately 687 apartment units. Those units of varying levels of finish – including standard, premium, and super-premium units. There are (6) new residential buildings:

  • Building B1 (located on top of Wegmans Roof): +/- 83,000 GSF (65 units)
  • Building B2 (located on top of Wegmans Roof): +/- 97,000 GSF (92 units)
  • Building C (located on top of Garage roof podium): +/- 102,000 GSF (83 units)
  • Building E1 (located on top of Garage roof podium): +/- 190,000 GSF (163 units)
  • Building E2 (located partially on grade and partially on top of Garage roof podium): +/- 191,000 GSF (177 units)
  • Building F (located partially on grade and partially on top of Garage roof podium): +/- 124,000 GSF (107 units)

#TheNorthpointDifference for a project of this magnitude is providing the client/ownership with a level of service and leadership that separates us from our competitors with the design team and contractors. Coordination of the scope, budget, and schedule are the three key factors for the successful execution of a project. Our team of experienced construction veterans take ownership of these three key factors, and communicate with all parties involved in presenting well-vetted options to the ownership in order for them to make the best business decision at the end of the day in order to achieve the project goals.

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