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Northpoint Development

The most successful ventures exceed the financial goals of our clients while satisfying the practical needs of the people who will be living and working there. Whether office, residential or mixed use, each property within our portfolio has enriched the community where it resides. The success of each project represents the culmination of our team’s thoughtful intent, tenacious effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.

Clients choose us for our intimate knowledge of local real estate markets, our strong relationships with industry professionals, and our ability to mitigate risk. They also choose us because our creative designs and attention to detail ensure a building is not only functional, but inspirational. Ultimately, we strive to achieve balance between the practical and the aspirational; to safeguard our client’s investment while promoting a sense of community and purpose. By addressing the environmental, economic, physical and political issues inherent in a complex development project, we convert ideas into successful, valuable investments for our clients.